Alan Cohen

I have been designing homes, offices, furniture and common areas in the south Florida region for over 30 years. Known throughout the industry as “ The Designer’s Designer.” I have had the privilege of designing pieces and space plans for this areas top designers as well as my own exclusive clientele. Design for me is a passion, stemming from the heart , interpreting the needs and wants of my clients and then translating it through renderings into their dream, their reality. Nothing gives me more pleasure to draw an area, a floor plan or a piece of furniture and after presenting it, they don’t change a single line! The comment, “ that’s exactly what I meant ” is my goal each and every time. As a designer, I don’t try to impose my will on the client, it’s their home, their dream, not mine. I do, however, strongly suggest when i feel there is a mistake being made.
I thrive on challenges.


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